Rapper Notiflow has come out to claim that she is not like fellow singer Size 8, who gets cheated on and blames the devil.

Her reference to Size 8 comes after rumors were rife that DJ Mo was cheating on his wife Size 8. However, as expected of a christian couple, Size 8 blamed the devil about it. See the article here.

So Notiflow has been dating this guy for a couple of months now after breaking up with fellow singer Mustafa.

Notifloww and bae

Their relationship has not only been short-lived but was also publicized and full of lies, according to her.

In a post seen on her Instagram story, Notiflow has boldly said that she is over and done with the young man.

I’m not Size 8 ati you cheat on me then we blame the devil and pray about it.

You cheat on me and I dump your ass, there’s plenty of fish in the sea anyway. Read her post in part.

In a post seen on Nairobi Gossip Club, upon being asked what happened, Notiflow has explained that she has caught the guy cheating twice.

I found messages twice. First some bitch called Nicole, they were calling each other babe. I asked he apologized, cried and said they were just friends…

Just the other day I found messages of another bitch again, Florence. They were calling each other babe, love and even wished her a happy birthday while in my house… He’s trying to explain that they are just friends…lol I’m tired of his cheating assRead her response.

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#NotiFlow Dumps His Cheating Boyfriend (SWIPE)

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The two looked like a perfect match from the pictures and videos they both shared on their Instagram pages.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Hutu tuvijana twa ku-squint macho kwa picha ama video!! .. ogopa 🤣🤣🤣

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